a spiritual discovery of myself

What would it take to live my truest Self? My authentic self?
To surrender myself to me and to the processes that have been set in motion?

I am empowered!
I am courageous!

I am so proud of myself to have finally, after so many years, found my inner Brave to go out on a journey with ME. To listen to my intuition, to let fear be and no longer give in to it.

The point of no return is here, the time is now, the space is now!

To listen to the message to go on the road with myself, an adventure, a spiritual journey to the deepest parts of me, to ultimate self-love and respect, to find out what makes my heart and body sing.

Whatever it takes!



In this reality and this time it’s not the most obvious choice to make…
Especially not when you haven’t saved up from the well-paid job you have, a nice check from your rich parents or partner or even received an inheritance. And when you have the burden of a heavy loan hanging over your head…
But what if none of this applies? Give up? Again?!?

Been there, done that and got over 10.000 T-shirts for every day I’ve not been choosing me.
So what else is possible beyond anything I could have ever imagined? And of course with total ease!

No more sitting and waiting for something to come to me or something to happen, because it doesn’t. This requires Action! And I’m really going out of my comfort zone doing and choosing this, to have faith in the Universe and everyone in it.

Not as easy as it sounds to stay connected with that energy and not fall back in doubt and every other thought, feeling or emotion that keeps me from going on this journey..
Fear, anxiety, fear of failure, pain, tiredness, depressions, burn-outs and more of that led to years of procrastinating, diversions and other excuses that brought me only more self-doubt.

Ten years ago I started my journey to self-development, healing my body and mind, step by step. Sometimes forward sometimes back. Alternative medicine was my path, I knew the normal route would not be able to help me with this. Haptonomy, Bach Flower Remedies, Acupuncture, developing my intuition, Access Consciousness and Yoga brought me to this point. And I am really grateful for that, but now it requires for me to go beyond this..
A few weeks ago I arrived at my crossroad, to stay where I was, at a more superficial level, not fully choosing what I would like my life to be or…. choose the to go into the deep with myself, the unknown.. It would be AMAZING! That’s the only thing I know!

No idea how long it will take, no idea where I’ll end up being. That’s it with a spiritual journey, let yourself be guided to the places, courses, trainings or people you have to meet and be with at that moment. I know female energy and yoga are things that need deeper exploration.
What am I waiting for! Let’s go!

But.. but wait!
What about my family? My husband? My home? My cat? Can I leave them? Who will take care of them? The bills? My own wellbeing during my wanderings?

Have faith to live my truest authentic self…

“Can I help you?”
“What can I get you?”
“What can I do for you?”

Wonderful questions when you’re at a bar, café or restaurant.

Let me answer with something new!
“You could buy me a cappuccino, with or without cake (I’m not picky) or a sandwich will do! Thank You!”

How much do you require?
No idea, let’s start BIG! A year would be a good start to not have to worry about how the bills are paid, food and a place to stay along the way. To be able to choose the courses, calls, trainings, retreats or other places to be that would be the greatest contribution to my spiritual journey. 

No, I don’t make art, music, elaborate videos, or products as a thank you gift.
If you feel like supporting me to continue my journey I will gift you with Gratitude, and my gratitude is unprecedented! Magical and beyond special! 😀
Yes, I would be enormously grateful for your gift…

And who knows, maybe somewhere in the future the lessons I learn and acquire along this road will come back to you in any form. I don’t know, yet. Until then you can follow my stories on Instagram at esthers_journey and maybe you will recognize things from it, get inspired or feel touched by them. Or perhaps it does nothing for you. Also fine, no hard feelings.

I feel supported and encouraged by people around me, books I’ve read, insights I’ve received so far. 

No one else can choose for me, nobody but me. To value me and my life. Whatever that may be, look like or whatever it takes!


I choose me!


Here I go! Yoo-Hoo!

Ps I still find it scary and exciting but I’m going anyway! ByeBye!

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